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Don't Let your Old Phone System Hold you Back

Computers, smartphones, tablets and connectivity to cloud services are a part of virtually everyones workspace today. your Employees have a variety of communication methods that they use. This is why it is important to invest in the right telephone system today that will integrate with the business tools you use and will not lock you in some proprietary technology that will be out dated in the near future, or nickel and dime you for basic features that everyone should have by default.

Etapmus recommends 3CX phone system to replace your aging legacy phone system or move away from your current SIP phone provider that charges you per every extension, rather than the number of simultaneous calls going on. 3CX provides all the enterprise features you expect, plus a whole lot more, without breaking the bank. 3CX provides many key features to keep you and your staff connected whether in the office or out of the office. some of these key features include: