Why Cloud

 We help clients move Smartly to the Cloud

Our Cloud Solutions

  •  Remote Work from Anywherr
  •  Cloud Area Network
  •  Virtual Desktop (Session or VDI based)
  •  Private Hosted Virtual Servers
  •  Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GoogleCloud)
  • Colocation of your Equipment
  •  Hosted Email
  •  Cloud Backup
  •  Microsoft 365
  • Security Solutions
If you’d like to know more about Etapmus′ Cloud solutions, why not contact us and talk to one of our experts. We’re always happy to help.

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Why Cloud?

Ask ten people what they think “the cloud” is and you’ll get ten different answers. The reality? The cloud has been in existence since the Internet and was truly launched in the mid 90's.

Probably not the answer you expected, but it’s correct information like that, which makes Etapmus so important to your organization and helps you to make informed decisions that are best for your business.

Why does cloud computing exist?

In summary, legacy machines, equipment, and networking have been a burden for companies to maintain and manage, and one of the more difficult problems is to make good on the investment. Cloud computing reduces the burden on corporate IT organizations and offers elasticity by letting firms outsource their computing needs and focus on their customers' solutions. Depending on the need, there are various levels of cloud computing service that companies can take advantage of.

What are some of the reasons companies migrate to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is a big decision and any business needs to consider several factors for why they want to move to the cloud and what ramifications there are for doing so. Moving to the cloud because it’s the “new” or “cool” thing to do is not a valid business reason. The “cloud” is not for everyone, and a common misconception is that it’s always cheaper. While that may be true for some cloud services it’s not true of all cloud services.

Before moving anything to the cloud consult with Etapmus. We can explain how it will impact your business and ensure that whatever cloud service you choose will be a positive impact, not a negative one.

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