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Our Cloud Solutions

  •  Remote Work from Anywherr
  •  Cloud Area Network
  •  Virtual Desktop (Session or VDI based)
  •  Private Hosted Virtual Servers
  •  Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GoogleCloud)
  • Colocation of your Equipment
  •  Hosted Email
  •  Cloud Backup
  •  Microsoft 365
  • Security Solutions
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Services Your Business Can Depend On from a Regional Colocation Provider

Etapmus co-location services are flexible, secure, and competitively priced, allowing your business to succeed in today’s marketplace. Our offerings are priced to include all aspects of electricity usage, security, support, access, and environmental charges. There are no extra charges or hidden fees. Quick deployment times enable a faster connection to your customers.

If you need to reach your facilities, we provide unlimited escorted admittance 24×7 for our shared space per U customers, and our fractional secure cabinet clients are granted admittance 24×7 via direct customer badge access or escort.

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Datacenter Facility Features include:

Enterprise-class, Fully redundant Internet access:

• Highly redundant BGP routed GigE IP backbone
• Diverse Internet peering with several Tier 1 upstream providers
• Standard Fast Ethernet or optional GigE burstable port provisioning
• Port speeds and bandwidth is guaranteed and fully committed
• Bandwidth usages metric for traffic monitoring
• Bandwidth commitments starting as low as 1Mbps (95th percentile on FastEthernet)
• Each co located server includes quality bandwidth transfer on dedicated 100/1000 Mbps ports and lines

Carrier Neutral Cross Connects Available:

• Level 3 – FastEthernet, Fiber, Private Line (ON-NET)
• TimeWarner Cable Business Class Fiber – FastEthernet, Fiber (ON-NET)
• ATT – FastEthernet, DS1, DS3, Fiber (ON-NET)
• Additional connectivity available upon request

Flexible space and connectivity options let you grow your business:

• Secure Shared Cabinets with per U space commitments (1U minimum)
• Fractional Cabinets in 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 Height Profiles (9U, 13U, and 21U respectively)
• Secure Locking 42U Height Full Cabinets
• Custom Cage Space priced by the square foot
• 120V and 208V Dedicated Breaker UPS Power Feeds available
• Roof rights available

State-of-the-art Data Center Facilities:

• Raised Access Floor with multiple Downflow Liebert Cooling
• Hot aisle / Cold aisle configuration
• Multiple Integrated UPS power with onsite Diesel generator
• 24x7x365 Customer Access via secure proximity badge system and Security Alarm
• Physical and logical security and video surveillance throughout facility
• Included time for Hands and Eyes Support for Server Reboots

Full suite of optional Managed Services:

• Dedicated and Shared Firewall security products
• Advanced monitoring of device and application performance
• Data backup and recovery (including geoRedundant backup options
• Microsoft and Linux application consulting & Support
• General Systems Admin and Hardware support services