Network Documentation Book by Kurtis Kent

Network Documentation Guide

As a Networking consultant, business owner, or IT engineer, documentation is really important to the work we do in managing our business, but also to support our client's businesses. we often go into a client, and find that they have no documentation, or do not have current or complete documenation on how their network is configured. This guide was written by our president, Kurtis Kent, as a guide to help consultants, IT staff and those business owners out there who are maintaining their own computer networks.

The practical, easy way to document your network. This guide delivers an easy, professional way to document your computer network. within this book you will learn how to quickly and effectively document the critical parts of your Computer network. You'll get fast, accurate information about your network that is critical to solving problems. Information that can help you manage your network better whether proactively before you have issues or when you need it the most

... at 2am when a server has crashed or you have lost internet connectivity.

Building your network documentation has never been easier with this proven process contained within these pages. You'll build you network documentation like a pro. Do you know where your Network documentation is at this moment?

Why this book is important to you:

This book was written with the focus to help the community of IT consultants and business owners address the fundamental problem of usable documentation. We've all seen the wide variety of tools to document various technical aspects of a network. This book is based on our documentation process that we use internally to capture teh 50-100 pages of key, usable network information without generating thousands of pages of Geeky technical spec's.

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